2 Delicious Ways to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (Recipes Included)


How to enjoy apple cider vinegar with these delicious ways. Check out the article we found over at The Healthy Honeys.

A healthy dose of apple cider vinegar on a daily basis will give you powerful benefits such as: regulating blood sugar levels, curbing appetite, possibility of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Research shows it may even slow the rate of cancer cells. Although this has not been confirmed in human tests. I personally, take it with honey when I feel a cold coming on and it works wonders for me.

If you have tasted apple cider vinegar you will agree with me that it does not taste great. However, I came across a few clever recipes from thehealthyhoneys.com that will make it easier to drink. According to healthy honey, the drinks are so delicious that even children love it.

Zingy Cranberry Cocktail

1-2 Tbs. Apple cider vinegar

2 Tbs. Cranberry Juice

1 1/2 C. Water

2 tsp. Maple syrup (like this)

Stir together and drink.

Note: I love the addition of cranberry. Cranberries are loaded with antioxidants. They also are beneficial to urinary tract, digestive, and heart health.

Old-fashioned Sweet Blaster

1 1/2 C. water

1-2 Tbs. Apple cider vinegar (like this)

2 tsp. Black strap molasses (like this)

Stir together and drink. I recommend using this drink in the morning.

Note: This recipe not only gives you the awesome benefits of ACV, but you also get the much-needed nutrients like; iron, magnesium, manganese, and calcium, that are in molasses. Molasses is good for your hair, and a safe sweetener for diabetics.

Image credit: The Healthy Honeys

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  1. Diana Robey

    Feb 09. 2016

    Do you have more like this? I want to drink more ACV but I hate the taste. I have been trying to think of ways to mask the taste without going unhealthy.

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  2. Jenise Cody

    Feb 09. 2016

    Straight, no chaser. I’m sure it tastes better than chemo!

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  4. Ilene August

    Apr 25. 2016

    I put green tea with it too- yum!!

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  5. Will try these!

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  7. Jean R. Krull Burdick

    Apr 26. 2016

    I did put a little in ginger ale but I stopped drinking ginger ale.

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    Rachel McFadden

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    May 12. 2016

    Thank you cousin. I will try this or have my son try it since he loved so much last time lol

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    Vayda Reyes

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    May 13. 2016

    Nice 🙂

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  13. Rose Tassone Gombos

    Dec 04. 2016

    On cup hot water, 2 Tbsp each of honey,lemon juice,Apple cider vinegar and just a dash of cinnamon relieved sore throat symptoms felt so much better.

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  14. Oil Supplements

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    That’s a new one on me :p

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    Don’t see a reason not to share it

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