Chili Pepper – The Life Saver


Chili Peppers are eaten by majority of the world’s population today. This ingredient are also widely used in varieties of food preparation like Jalapeno Popper grilled cheese, Jalapeno strawberry jam, Habanero hellfire chili, Chipotle Crusted pork tenderloin and a lot more. Chili Peppers became so famous that even this ingredient became a competition and became an annual tradition. Recently there have been reports of a 47 years old man who ate ‘Ghost Pepper’ as a challenge for their tournament. This pepper is also known as Bhut jolokia which is equivalent to 1,000,000 on the scoville scale, which means it’s really hot that resulted for the man’s hospitalization. That became a reminder to many to enjoy chili peppers but at the same time, make sure eat only the right amount. Despite this unfortunate incident, Chili peppers actually are live savers. First let me tell you more about their origins.

History of Chili Pepper

The origin of chilies is assumed to be as old as 7000 BC, where it was used in mexico to spice up their food. This particular plant has been introduced to the rest of the world by Christopher Columbus, who has mistaken chili as “black pepper”, thus the “chili pepper” name was born. The Chili peppers was brought to spain and became very famous, so famous that it’s found its way to European countries, Portuguese and the rest of the world. In the year 1888 there has been a few experiments on cross breeding these plants where Anaheim was developed by that on 1906. Due to these situations, there are now 400 varieties of Chilies all over the world. Wilbur L. Scoville, a pharmacist found a way for the spiciness of each Chili to be measured, which was called Scoville Organoleptic Test.

The search for ways to cool off that spicy feeling in the mouth has been done for a long time as well, and many researchers concluded that the best way for us to do that is by milk. Milk contains Casein, which is a fat compound that washes away capsaicin oil that removes the spicy flavor.

It has also been discovered that Chili contains Capsaicin which is very beneficial for our body.

Capsaicin is a component that can be found inside all types of peppers such as cayenne, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad scorpion, Naga viper and much more. This specific component is the reason for the spicy flavor of each chili and the benefit it brings to our body.

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