Effective Ways To Have Toned Inner Thighs


Inner thigh fats are not totally hopeless. You still can get rid of them. Yes, you have read that right. There are exercises you can do even if you are just at the comfort of your home. Not just that, those exercises are proven to be effective to tone your thigh muscles.

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares the exercises you can try to get your thighs ready for wearing skinny jeans and leggings.

Start your exercise with a few minutes warm-up. You can do these exercises at the comfort of your home 3 to 4 times per week while working on other parts of your body, such as abs, back, butt and legs.

Exercises to Strengthen and Tone Inner Thighs

Frog Bend

In this exercise no equipment is necessary and you only use gravity for resistance.

Scissor kicks

These kicks are good for your core muscles and also strengthen your thigh muscles by moving your legs in multiple directions.

Side and cross-over lunges

This exercise will help you to tone your inner thighs as it hits them from different directions. It can also help you get a firmer, bigger and rounder butt.

Side Squat with Band

Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be used for a total body workout. They also offer you the option of using different levels of resistance depending on your fitness level.

This exercise works on your inner and outer thighs, hips and bottom. You can do this exercise without the resistance band, but the band will further increase the efficacy of this exercise.


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