Everyday Products That Will Save Money and Keep You Healthy


There are things in our house we use that contains very harmful chemicals, but little do we know, there are also household items that are safe to use as an alternative. Check out the article we found at Real Pharmacy.

Lemon Juice: Great for detox, digestion, sore throats, immunity, whitens clothes, cleans glass, highlights hair, can reduce wrinkles, skinks pores and can disinfect!

Coconut Oil: Can polish wood, used as wd-40, lip gloss, deodorant, prevents wrinkles, improves thyroid function and can reduce migraines, just to mention a few.

Baking soda: Puts out fires, helpful for cleaning toilets or ovens, can be used in deodorants and toothpaste, heals diaper rash, treats heartburn just to name a few.

Castor oil: Keeps away rodents, helps plant health, strengthen eyelashes, heals cracked heels, softens cuticles, treas dry/itchy skin, can be used as a laxative, helps induce labor and can even reduce menstrual cramping.

Castile Soap: All-purpose cleaner, dish soap, can mop floors with it, body wash, pet shampoo. toothpaste, treats eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems.

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