How Guava Help Protect You From These Diseases


Guava is commonly used to make dessert, beverage or in a dish. But there’s more to this fruit that can help you prevent and cure different health conditions. Check out the article we found at Articles Mercola.

Nutrients in Guavas Improve Immunity

Guavas contain several nutrients your body can’t do without. In every 1-cup serving you get 21 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin A and 20 percent each of potassium (about the same amount as a banana) and folate.

While that’s impressive, it’s the vitamin C that outstrips the others to a staggering degree. Each serving imparts 628 percent of this bacteria-buster, so it’s no surprise that it fights disease so powerfully. Guavas are even recommended for dengue fever.

Guavas Help Improve Skin, Fight Coughs and Colds

The astringents in guavas, particularly the fruits that are not quite ripe, can treat acne and smooth the texture of your skin. This benefit comes through both eating them and rinsing your skin with an emulsion of the pulp, juice and leaves, which serves to tighten, tone and detoxify.

In fact, studies show guavas work even better for this purpose than the leading lotions, creams and potions. Guavas can also help prevent wrinkles and slow other signs of aging, while removing dead skin cells and brightening your complexion.

Fiber in Guavas Can Positively Affect Your Blood Pressure and Heart Health

By preventing your blood from thickening too much, guava consumption may help lower your blood pressure. Food containing little or no fiber, such as refined flour, can make high blood pressure (aka hypertension) worse because these foods tend to turn to sugar.

Fiber in Guavas: Linked to Lowering Blood Sugar

Fiber can also be thanked for balancing the sugar your body absorbs, which lowers the risk of either a spike or drop in glucose and insulin levels. A clinical study indicated that drinking tea made from guava leaves lowered the blood sugar levels of 19 people and was effective for as long as two hours.

Guava Consumption and Cancer Prevention

If anything can be proven to be a dramatic game changer in a plant-based food, its effect on cancer will do it. Guavas have been shown to have dramatically positive results in cancer studies by inhibiting cancer cell growth and metastasis.
Lycopene works with flavonoids, lutein, quercetin and cryptoxanthin to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

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