Killing Cancer Through Alkaline Food


What is Alkaline Food?

There are multiple ways of doing diets today, some can be beneficial and some are not. However, there is one diet that trumps all the rest due to the benefits of longevity and ways to kill a disease, its called Alkaline diet.

This is the type of diet in where the focus of consumption of food is to raise the ph of your bloodstream and prevent acidic environment where cancer cells can develop. By eating acidic food there can be a chance that our body can develop Electrolyte Imbalance, which can cause our body’s pH level to change.

Ph Level means potential hydrogen, it’s a measure of acidity or alkalinity in our body. The more acidity there is, the lower the Ph. How would Alkaline food help in killing cancer? Read on.

Top 5 Alkaline Foods.


Acidic to the taste, but maybe it’s the most alkalizing food of all. It helps to balance the body’s pH and also provides many other healing benefits:

  • Fights against colds and flu due to the high amount of vitamin C
  • A glass of lemon water is a good liver detoxifier
  • Drink lemon juice helps dissolve gallstones and kidney stones
  • Lemon destroys intestinal worms
  • Prevents many diseases thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties

Coconut oil

Coconut is also a superfood that benefits to your body in many ways. Coconut oil is the only cooking oil that isn’t acidic, it’s alkaline. It contains fatty acid that has great medicinal properties and the healthy saturated fats helps improve blood cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.


As an alkaline tasty tropical fruit, pineapple is loaded with several vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. It’s often been used as a natural remedy for treating cough, colds, toothache, arthritis and digestive disorders.


Carrot is a good source of vitamin A and provides many impressive health benefits, such as anti-cancer, anti-aging and also prevents heart attacks. Carrot is also good for your vision as beta-carotene has almost 40% lower risk of macular degeneration.


As a good source of calcium, iron, manganese and fiber, cinammon has long been used in cooking and baking, it’s also widely used as a natural remedy to cure health problems. It helps lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, treat yeast infection, prevent cancer, relieve arthritis and boost brain function.

There are more Alkaline foods there is that can help us in killing cancers in our body. What’s more, a balance diet is needed by our body to keep on going and keep us away from this sickness. A little exercise can also help to keep us healthy and strong. And don’t forget, the best way to fight cancer is through prayers. All of our hard work would be for nothing without God’s love. Now that we know there are many ways to cure it, chin up and fight on.

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