Liver Cancer – 10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore


Most people don’t have signs and symptoms  in the early stages of primary liver cancer. That’s why many aren’t aware when they already have the cancer. Well, worst case scenario can be prevented if you know the signs and symptoms.

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares the 10 signs and symptoms of liver cancer which shouldn’t be ignored:

Here are ten of the earliest detection signs of liver cancer:

  1. Sudden weight loss without any physical effort or a change in diet
  2. Sharp pain within the abdomen
  3. Sudden lack of appetite and changes in dietary trends
  4. Persistently weak feeling muscles
  5. Swelling in the abdomen
  6. The discoloration of the skin, otherwise known as jaundice, and typically yellow in color
  7. Abnormal digestion and stool with white in it
  8. Persistent itching of the skin
  9. Bloated feelings after a meal
  10. Feelings of restlessness and tiresome days


There you have the signs and symptoms. It would be best to see a doctor if you are feeling any of the mentioned symptoms. As what they say, prevention is always better than cure.


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