Tips to Stop Kid’s Stuffy Noses


We always want to make our kids to feel better, especially if they are a bit under the weather. When the temperature start to get colder, cough and colds start to kick in high gear.

While it is known that our child’s cold will eventually vanish in a few days. There’s no magic approach to get rid of them instantly. We may not be able to cure a cold, but we can definitely ease the symptoms cold produce.

A stuffy nose is one of the symptoms we need to look out for. It could be caused by a cold, flu or allergies. Stopping stuffy noses will not only make them feel better but it will help prevent the spread of infection.

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To help you treat your child’s stuffy nose, we have gathered useful techniques and ways which you can do. Below is an excerpt of an article that shares some tips on how to stop stuffy nose:

Stuffy nose home remedies for kids include the following:
* If your child is has a stuffy nose, make sure he or she is well-hydrated—fluids help thin mucus.
* You can also use a humidifier or vaporizer in their room to keep air moist and clear their congestion.
* Nasal washes with saline may be used for older children.
* Raise the head of your child’s bed or crib a few inches to help nasal secretions drain more easily.
* If little noses are irritated from blowing them, dab some petroleum jelly on the skin to soothe the outside of the nose.
* Children over 5 years old may benefit from pediatric nasal strips that help open the nostril slightly to give relief from nasal congestion.

Home remedies mentioned above are just some of the many natural ways that you can do to treat stuffy nose at home.

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