Top 3 Things Most People Do That Make Us Fat!


Exercising and a diet plan can help you lose some weight. But there are top reasons on why a person become fat. Avoid this and achieve a fit body. Check out the article we found at Healthy Builderz.

You sleep too much or too little. Who doesn’t love to sleep for hours especially over the weekend? Well, it appears that sleeping too much or even too little can cause our weight to go up. For those who sleep five hours or less are at risk of weight gain because they will turn to foods to provide them with energy for the day. As for those who sleep for more than 8 hours, chances are you will feel sluggish and won’t be in the mood to get your butt off the chair to workout.

You tend to skip meals. A lot of people tend to skip meals because they are in a rush or don’t want to end up gaining weight. Unfortunately, this habit can actually lead to weight gain especially when you skip your morning meal. One reason behind this is that your metabolism slows sown and your hunger increases. This can actually lead to eating more in your next meals because you are quite hungry.

You’re too stressed. If you are often stressed out, chances are you’re actually seeing your weight increase. When you are stressed, your body releases insulin and cortisol which can trigger hunger on your part. Eating sends pleasure to your brain but it will eventually wear off unless you eat something.

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