You Won’t Believe This Essential Oil Can Treat Flu


Do you usually suffer from flu? What are the common methods you use to treat flu?

Flu is a respiratory infection which is caused by viruses. It is highly contagious and spread normally by the sneeze and cough of an infected person. Though it is very unpleasant and can hinder one’s daily performance, it isn’t life threatening.

Anyone can get flu and serious health problems related to it can actually occur if not treated. That is why, at all possible situation, it is better to prevent it. But, if you already have it, medications are available. Some buy over the counter drugs. And to avoid further health problems, it is recommended to see your doctor first if you are not sure of the medication you will take. If in any case you are not into over the counter medication, no need to worry! There are essential oils you can use to treat flu.

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