You Won’t Believe This Essential Oil Can Treat Flu


Since flu is caused by virus, antibiotics are helpful. In any case you have no available antibiotics in your house but you have essential oils, you may consider using them. Yes, essential oils can help with your flu treatment.

Below is an excerpt of an article that shares information about essential oils to treat flu:

Top Essential Oils for Coughs, Sore Throat, Congestion and Other Cold and Flu Symptoms

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is widely used as a natural decongestant to help unblock stuffy airways, help you breathe easier, and break up phlegm and mucus which make it an excellent essential oil for colds and flu relief.

Peppermint oil helps to open up your airways, and the vapor from the oil has antimicrobial properties to help kill off infections.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial essential oil that is perfect to destroy cold and flu virus pathogens.

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