Brain Injuries And Essential Oils: Here’s What We’re Not Being Told


Essential oils have been a great help in many aspects of our lives and have been used for thousands of years.  They are even talked about in the Bible on many occasions.  Many people that have used essential oils have had amazing results in relieving all kinds of diseases.  There have been many studies done by many universities on essential oils and our sense of smell is the only sense directly tied to the limbic area of the brain.  That means essential oils can get to our brain through smell where our other senses can not.  This open a whole new door for treating brain injuries.  Learn all the details on the Next Page and some significant information most people will never find out about! Learn how essential oils and brain injury are linked to each other on the Next Page.

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6 Responses to “Brain Injuries And Essential Oils: Here’s What We’re Not Being Told”

  1. Dianne Culp

    Apr 01. 2016

    10 & 25 yrs ago they tried to ban them.

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  2. Jenna Lizzi

    Apr 01. 2016

    Brendan William Bauer Diana Rodriguez Jacqueline Graziani

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  3. Sandra Reaper Barnett

    Jul 22. 2016

    Thelma Barnett Schneider, Tammie Barnett Lee

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  4. Lynda Whelan

    Jul 22. 2016

    That will be interesting. I’m a victim of an ‘Amygdala-hippocampectomy.’ Could it grow all that back? I’ve got no problem telling people that I lack intelligence!

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