Use These Natural DIY Toilet Cleaning BOMBS


My bathroom is one place in my home that always remains spotless. That is not to say that my kitchen is not clean. However, I have kids and that means my kitchen easily becomes messy and crumb-y. The bathroom is one room that remains clean thanks to a little contribution from every family member.

I thought my kids to start rinsing the sink fully since the age they started brushing their teeth. No towel is left without picking up. As they are getting older, they also help me every time I clean the bathroom. What I feel best about this is that my kids have learned to keep it clean from the very beginning. That is not something I can say for my husband.

So What Does the Toilet Bowl Cleaner Have in It?

Bathroom products are mostly loaded with harmful chemicals. They can have bleach which can be too hard for growing lungs. It has already been proven in studies. So I would never allow my kids to come in contact with it. I would also avoid it completely myself.

Bleach has chlorine, which when it mixes with any kind of acid, makes toxic gas. It is something that they have used in the two World Wars. It is also a very bad corrosive and irritant. Bleach can harm hands or any skin surface that comes in contact with it.

Bleach can have 10-50% hydrochloric acid. It is the same acid present in the stomach. There is relation between hydrochloric acid and respiratory tract irritation and kidney damage if it gets inhaled.

Some brands come with fragrances. They are capable of causing allergic reactions, lung irritation, and headaches. These fragrances could also be having hormone disruptors.

My Natural Solution for Cleaning Bathroom

Once I knew about all these stuff, I did my online research to find the toilet bowl cleaner that became my favorite.

My ingredients are:

  • Baking soda – Half cup
  • Cornstarch – Half cup
  • Citric acid – Half cup
  • Zip-top bag – Gallon size
  • Water in spray bottle
  • Essential oils – 25

You can choose essential oils of your choice. I will suggest orange or lemon because they have amazing cleaning properties. Add two other essential oils for their good smell.


You will also need the any mold you like. I would suggest using muffin tin having cute liners because they can be easily stored. Also get a giant Ziploc baggie.

Follow these steps:

  • Put all the ingredients (not the essential oils) into the bag and shake well.
  • Open this bag back up and then put 2 to 3 spritzes of water. Tightly close it and then knead.
  • Then repeat the 2nd step 5 to 7 times. (When the bag becomes puffy, allow the air out. The air is due to the mixing of citric acid and baking soda)
  • The mixture will become like pie dough. Then squeeze out a handful to see if it remains together (which means it’s ready to use. Avoid over watering it).
  • You can now add the essential oils. You will have to re-knead this mixture.
  • Firmly pack it into the molds (I ensured firm pressing by using a second muffin tin).
  • Leave them to dry for 48 hours. You can then remove them from the molds (muffins). They can then be put at a high place to complete the drying. This can take another 24-48 hours.
  • Now take a sealed container and store in it until you will be using them.

It is easy to use them. Put them into bowl and leave until the fizzing stops. Clean off whatever is left using a scrubby brush before flushing. This cleaner is not only great for the environment, it is also safer for you.

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