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  • Exercise

    Want To Get Smarter? You Just Need To Exercise..Here’s Why!

    Most of the research shows that moderate to intense exercise can slow brain aging by as much as as ten years. We can’t deny the fact that exercise has a lot of benefits.  From ... Continue Reading →

    The Truth Of Why Native American Keep Their Hair Long…This is Shocking!

    We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity. It is both personal and public. Native Americans are famed for their long and straight, black hair. Native Americans believe if ... Continue Reading →

    This Is Why You Need To Start Serving Seaweed Regularly At Your Table

    There’s always a surprising secrets and benefits under the sea.  An extensive array of marine life and adventurous tales. It’s also a place where we can get some healthy ... Continue Reading →

    7 Meaningful 30-Minute Activities You Can Do While Detoxing

    Groceries, bills, school, work, soccer practice, traffic, merging onto the interstate, cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes, and getting everyone ready for bed — that sounds pretty ... Continue Reading →
    Facebook Lurking

    How Facebook Lurking Affects A Person’s Mental Health

    Facebook is now the most popular social media sites in the World. Most people use this as a primary means of communication. Using this social media site can really help many people ... Continue Reading →

    The Yolk Is No Joke! Find Out The Real Truth About Yolks Here!

    Eggs are one of the most popular foods and one of the oldest foods humans have been eating for centuries. They are most common for breakfast, but are widely eaten for lunch and dinner ... Continue Reading →

    How To Test pH Of Water At Home

    How To Test pH Of Water At Home – Watch a great video below on how to know the alkalinity of your water within just a minute or two. Knowing if your water is alkaline or acidic ... Continue Reading →

    Scientists Proving Onion Flavonoids Can Help Heal Cancer

    Cancer is a deleterious disease that we are facing more than ever in the history of the human race. There are unusual types of cancers that rise up especially in the medical industry, ... Continue Reading →
    Yellow Nails

    Get Rid Of Yellow Or Discolored Nails With These Natural Remedies

    Having yellow or discolored nails can actually be caused by a fungal infection, excessive nail polish use, other health issues and even smoking.  Nail discoloration could mean a serious ... Continue Reading →