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This Is How You STOP Absorbing Negative Energy From Negative People

Dealing with negative people is not good for us, but sometimes it might be a relative or friend that you need to be there for. So here are some ways on how not to absorb the negativity ... Continue Reading →

6 Home Remedies You Absolutely Need To Know About

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5 Tips To Grow Taller Naturally

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7 Healthy Benefits Why You Must Eat Mango Everyday

Mango is a delicious and juicy fruit that is also known as a super-food. This fruit has many unknown benefits that people didn’t know, one of the most important advantage are ... Continue Reading →

How You Parent Directly Relates With Your Baby’s Brain Development

Baby brains are like sponges they absorb what they see, hear and feel.  It is more pliable and more vulnerable than an adult’s brain. And, amazingly, a toddler’s brain ... Continue Reading →

Foot Pain: What Causes It And Natural Ways To Get Rid Of The Pain

Our feet carry us from place to place, day to day. It is very essential to the work or activities the we do on our everyday life. Most people don’t give much care to these part ... Continue Reading →

Candace Marie-Fox Cures 4th Stage Thyroid Cancer! This Is What She Ate

Cases of thyroid cancer are increasing year by year. In United States alone, there are 56,000 new cases each year. This type of cancer can occur in any age group but is most common ... Continue Reading →

Women With Slow Metabolisms Must Do These 6 Things To Burn Fat

Is the needle (or number) on your scale stuck or going in the wrong direction?  Are you frustrated because all the same things that helped you lose weight before aren’t working now? ... Continue Reading →
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You Need Sun Exposure And Not Just For Vitamin D

The SUN is Your FRIEND…Here’s Why! Everyday activity and work can expose most people to the sun.  However, winter months can shorter exposure greatly. There are many studies ... Continue Reading →