This Is Why You Need To Start Serving Seaweed Regularly At Your Table


There’s always a surprising secrets and benefits under the sea.  An extensive array of marine life and adventurous tales. It’s also a place where we can get some healthy nutrients such as seaweed and corals. Seaweeds are some of the best Nutrient-dense Super foods on the planet that can help us and give us tons of benefits to our health.

There are different varieties of seaweeds that you can select.  For fresh seaweeds, the variety will depend on the place you live and where the particular seaweeds grow. Seaweed is very beneficial to our health and it is available in supplement form when food form is not available, but one way to obtain the health benefits of seaweed is in a seaweed salad. Eating seaweed salad regularly will also enrich your body with important polysaccharides, which may help to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as improve liver function and stabilize blood sugar levels. Check out full article at Livestrong.

There are numerous other seaweeds that you may  choose from sheets include:

•Kelp – also known as brown algae, kelp is one of the most common types of seaweeds. You can order it in supplement form to benefit from its loads of minerals.

•Dulse – this red is perfect for making salads, soups and all sorts of vegetable dishes, helping them taste amazing and much more nutritious.

•Kombu- this seaweed is highly popular in Japan and can enhance the flavor of so many dishes.

More importantly, seaweed can boost the nutritional content of just about anything you like to serve on the table.

Seaweeds are phenomenal sources of dietary fiber and protein to improve the nutritional status of our body.

• Promote a healthy thyroid. Iodine found abundantly in seaweeds is important for the proper functioning of your thyroid, a gland that helps maintain normal metabolism and energy levels.

• Ward off osteoporosis. Seaweeds contain excellent amounts of calcium, a mineral necessary for strong bones.

• Removes poisonous substance in the blood. According to many experts, seaweeds are loaded with chlorophyll, a pigment found in plants, capable of eliminating unwanted substances in the bloodstream.

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