You Need Sun Exposure And Not Just For Vitamin D

Immune System

Research shows that being exposed to the sun has a positive effect that can help improve the immune system. Check out the article we found at Articles Mercola.

Sunlight Is a Natural Immune Booster

This is thought to be the first study showing an impact of light on this particular type of immune cell. More research is needed to verify the results. However, there’s plenty of evidence in the medical literature confirming that sunlight has immune-boosting properties.

In this study, light was found to stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide, which boosted the activity of T lymphocytes. As little as five to 10 minutes of sun exposure were needed to boost immune cell activity. As noted in one news report:

Given the large surface area of human skin, all of the T cells present in skin could potentially benefit from this phenomenon through exposure to blue light, the researchers suggest.

Note that vitamin D is only produced in the body via exposure to UVB rays, which can be harmful in cases of prolonged sun exposure.

If blue light from the sun’s rays is capable of energizing infection-fighting T cells, it could be a potential means of treatment for boosting immunity in many patients, the researchers conclude.”

Researchers appear hopeful that blue light alone might be a valuable immune-boosting treatment. It’s important to realize that the biological effects of light can be very complex, and it’s important to get it right.

As explained by Dr. Alexander Wunsch, a world class expert on photobiology, excessive exposure to blue light — such as that from LED lighting. Primarily blue and devoid of near-infrared found in sunlight and incandescent lighting — can be quite harmful, and may be a significant risk factor for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The healthiest blue light is from the sun, as it is balanced by near-infrared radiation has many important biological functions. Importantly, near-infrared radiation will activate cytochrome C oxidase in your mitochondria and help to optimize ATP production.

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