Extremely Healthy Turmeric and Coconut Ice Cream Recipe


Ice cream is obviously very delicious and loved by most!  It’s one of the most popular desserts all around the world.  Most woman would admit if they could eat it almost everyday…they would.  The issue is that most ice creams you buy in the store are just full of ‘crap’ ingredients.  Until NOW that is!  On the Next Page, enjoy the Healthiest Ice Cream Recipe you have ever had!  The best part is it’s main ingredients are 2 that have huge health benefits, Turmeric and Coconut.  Make it tonight, it’s easy and you will not regret it!  Enjoy.

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4 Responses to “Extremely Healthy Turmeric and Coconut Ice Cream Recipe”

  1. Shirley Babicz

    Oct 04. 2016

    Don’t want to make ..want to buy… Why don’t we have a place to buy healthy food…

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  2. Imelda B. Baldonado

    Oct 04. 2016

    I am so making this, healthy and must be yummy❤️

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  3. Sandra Vail

    Oct 04. 2016

    I would like to try this

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  4. Su Mucheng

    May 07. 2019

    Great recipe, looks delicious, will definitely try this.

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