Why You Should Drink Chamomile Tea


Have you ever tried drinking chamomile tea?

Do you drink Tea? How much do you like drinking this boiled leaves and flowers? Some of us are familiar with Tea for the use of slimming or lowering people’s weight. But little did we know that there are more benefits behind it that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. There are multiple kinds of tea, it can be from a flower, leaves, roots, and stem. But for now let’s talk about the famous Chamomile Tea.

History of Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile Tea has several names; some of them are Daisy like plants, Manzanilla in spain or Chamomaela, which is Greek word for ground apple due to its aroma that smells like an apple blossom.

These plants are made into a tea and are made famous due to its talent to help people sleep and cure anxiety. Its history dates back in early Egypt where it’s used as a remedy for cold, but was only named in the late 19th century by a botanist that spotted the plant on a nearby roman coliseum.

Brewing Chamomile Tea

1) First you will need to boil some water in a pot. You can use that later to brew your tea. You can make a makeshift teabag to put the flowers in or if you don’t have that, you can simple put the flowers directly at the pot and use a strainer later on.

2) It’s now time to pick the flowers as we wait for the water to boil. 2 to 3 heads of a flower should be sufficient enough for a cup of tea. Wash it thoroughly, place it your pot and add some peppermint for additional minty flavor.

3) 8 oz of water is enough for 2 to 3 flowers. Wait for 5 minutes, use your strainer as you pour the tea into your cup, add some milk or honey and enjoy.

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